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Welcome in newly opened Beer Spa located in street Rybna 3, Prague 1.

Try an original relaxation spa procedure based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, materials, and classic Czech medical treatments.  

The actual BEER SPA procedure consists of:

  • beer spa
  • unlimited consumption of light and dark Krušovice® beer
  • relaxation in a genuine wheat straw bed by a warm fireplace
  • consumption of home-made beer bread 

Description of the BEER SPA procedure:

BEER SPA - bathe in hand-made, thousand-litre, whirlpool royal oak tubs filled with the natural extracts used to brew Czech Krušovice® beer - selected varieties of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt. The high hop oil content contributes to overall vitality and helps open pores on the skin. The high dose of vitamin B and active enzymes in brewer's yeast have a salutary effect on skin regeneration. This unique combination of natural ingredients and the magical effect of royal oak, for ages a symbol of longevity and immunity, stimulate metabolism, help remove harmful substances from the body and ease fatigue and stress, thus resulting in ideal mental and physical relaxation. During their beer spa, guests can draw and enjoy an unlimited amount of genuine Czech Krušovice® beer.

REST ON A BED OF WHEAT STRAW to encourage the absorption of all vitamins and extracts from the preceding bath and sauna. While relaxing by a warm fireplace, guests can enjoy fresh HOME-MADE BEER BREAD.




Important information:

There is no need to bring anything along - we provide guests with cotton towels and sheets, linen blankets and basswood slippers. Draw premium Krušovice® beer on your own and enjoy home-made beer bread.

The entire BEER SPA facility will be exclusively yours during the procedure; after an introduction by our staff, you will be left in privacy during the actual treatment.

To achieve the optimal effect, we recommend that you do not bathe or shower for several hours after this procedure. You do not have to worry about an undesirable odour, as after the beer bath your skin is scented with a mixture of hops and brewer's yeast, which also impart softness and smoothness to your skin.

Individuals with allergies to proteins, yeast and hops should consult their physician prior to the beer bath.








 Pivni Lazne - Beer Spa - Spa Beerland Prague  Pivni Lazne - Beer Spa - Spa Beerland Prague

Experience of a lifetime with lovely staff and atmosphere. Viktoria, New Zealand
Best attraction in Prague! We enjoyed it so much! John, Uk
Wow! Surprisingly relaxing. Nice atmosphere, pleasant stuff. Francesco, France
Hop sauna was amazing experience, we'll come back for sure!  Maria, Italy
Truly unique attraction! self-service beer - what a great idea! James, Germany
Must do in Prague - amazingly fun attraction - .  Alessia, Italy
Straw bed, the wood sauna, the beer bread, the limitless beer... simply beautiful. Julio, Spain
Nabidka pro pary - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Come and enjoy an original beer spa in a romantic fireside setting.



Beer Spa  - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Come have fun with friends and try the first Czech Spa Beer Land together!

We offer exclusive rentals for groups of up to 10.


Beer Spa - Pivni Lazne Spa Beerland Praha

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We have the largest selection of beer cosmetics! Shop with beer spa experts - shop at the first Czech SPA BEER LAND®

Beer cosmetics can be purchased at our beer gift shop at PIVNÍ LÁZNĚ SPA BEER LAND, Žitná 658/9, Praha 1.