5 reasons to love sauna bathing

Sauna bathing helps to detoxify the body, improve skin quality and boost immunity. What are some other reasons why you might want to regularly indulge in a sauna?  

1. Beautiful skin

A sauna enhances skin hydration and regeneration. Sweat flushes the toxins out of the skin, leaving it soft and clean. The sauna has a positive effect not just on sensitive facial skin but on the skin of the whole body, especially those areas most often affected by cellulite. Staying in a heated sauna and then cooling in ice water, promotes the circulation and reinvigorates the muscles, bringing them back to life. Your skin will be firm, healthy and smooth. 

2. A good mood

The winter months are gloomy and we rarely see the sun's rays. In the sauna, you'll get a good warm-up, plus a boost to your serotonin levels. This is what puts you in a good mood and positive frame of mind. But a sauna will also do you good in summer. It encourages good thermoregulation and will help you cope better with summer heat or temperature fluctuations.

3. Strong immunity

Staying in a heated sauna and then cooling down with ice water requires getting out of your comfort zone. Exposing your body to this kind of short-lived shock has an amazingly positive effect on your immunity. Your health will only benefit if you practice this treatment regularly. The high temperature increases the white blood cells that fight viruses and infections. You can say goodbye to colds and runny noses. 

4. Healthy heart

In the heat, the heart pumps more blood for the same resting heartbeat. What does this mean for you? Your heart will tire less and remain vital for longer. This positive effect of a sauna has also been demonstrated in athletes. After two sauna sessions a week, they ran for an average of 32% longer.

5. Muscle regeneration

Do your muscles ache after exercising or after long walks through Prague? Then the sauna is for you. The heat from the sauna penetrates deep into the muscle tissues, promotes tendon stretching and improves cartilage functionality. It also has a beneficial effect on mild rheumatic diseases. 

At the Original Beer Spa in Prague, the unique hop sauna and an oak pail for cooling await you. After a pleasant warm-up, relax on a bed of wheat straw and fortify yourself with homemade beer bread. Book your stay online and visit us in Žitná Street in the heart of Prague. We look forward to your visit. 

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