6 reasons to visit the Original Beer Spa

Still not sure whether to visit the Original Beer Spa in Prague? We have come up with six reasons why you should give it a go without delay. Here they are.


1. You can recharge your batteries 

Sightseeing in Prague is interesting and exciting but can also be very tiring. You need a lot of energy for all that. Remember to include rest periods in your itinerary. And where in Prague can you relax and recharge your batteries? In the Original Beer Spa, of course. After having relaxed for just one hour in the whirlpool tub, you will emerge feeling reborn. Moreover, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Krušovice beer and home-made beer bread

2. You can do something good for your health

The spa experience is not just about relaxation and treating yourself to a great time, it is also good for your health. Brewer’s yeast is known to have beneficial effects on our skin. Removing wrinkles and providing good overall hydration. How come? It is rich in vitamin B, carbohydrates, and proteins. After bathing in the tub we recommend that you take a rest on the wheat straw bed. Doing so, allows all the vitamins and extracts from the bath to be absorbed into your skin and the overall procedure will be more effective.

3. You will experience what others have recommended

Have you done your research about our spa on the internet? If not, check it out. We very much appreciate our clients’ reviews on TripAdvisor as well as our Facebook profile. Our clients are excited about the beer spa and many happily share their experiences, with the world. Thank you everyone for that!

4. You can take very original photos

Instagram makes the world go around. Would you agree? If you think so, we have good news for you – pictures of yourself at the spa will make your day. Just for starters, you might have pictures of yourself in an oak tub, by the fireplace, on the wheat straw bed, sporting the clogs or holding your beer. For more inspiration, visit our Instagram profile - just take a look. 

5. We ensure discretion and absolute cleanliness 

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by our staff and informed about the experience you are about to have. After that, you will be left alone to enjoy yourself in peace. We know how important it is to have privacy while relaxing and we fully respect that. After you leave our staff get down to some hard work. How so? Cleanliness is one of our top priorities, so the premises are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after every client’s visit.  

6. You can buy original beer cosmetics

You may be so excited about having a beer bath, you might like to try the same at home. Well, almost the same. In that case you will love our handmade beer cosmetics - offered for sale in the spa - for sure. They are all made in the Czech Republic with no added colourings. 

Now you know a little bit more about what to expect from the Original Beer Spa experience, there is only one more thing to do - book your procedure and start looking forward to a wonderful, relaxing experience. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

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