9 interesting facts about beer that will surprise you

In the Czech Republic, beer is one of the most popular drinks and there are many attractions associated with it. Did you know that Czechs drink around 250 pints of beer a year or that beer lovers have a better memory? And there is much more. Check it out. 

1. Which country drinks the most beer per year?

Are you guessing the Czech Republic? You would be right. Every year, Czechs drink about 250 pints of beer (300 US pints). That’s five to six beers a week. Beer is so popular in the Czech Republic that we even bathe in it. You can experience the beneficial effects of beer on health and skin for yourself at Original Beer Spa

2. Countries where drinking beer is forbidden

Alcohol is forbidden in countries governed by Islamic law. Drinking in public is also prohibited in Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the USA. Though it’s okay to take a glass of wine or beer, in a hotel or tourist resort. Be mindful that in secular Muslim countries that do serve alcohol, it won’t be available during Ramadan. On the other hand, in the Czech Republic, you can drink in public, but you should always respect the rules of the city or restaurant. 

3. How beer was created

One of the earliest mentions of beer probably comes from the North Caucasus, where archaeologists found 5,500-year-old straws with traces of barley starch. The tradition of drinking beer was brought to Bohemia by the Slavs during the Migration of Nations. One of the oldest monasteries where beer was brewed is the Benedictine monastery in Břevnov, built in 993 by Bishop Vojtěch. You can learn more about the journey of the amber nectar, in the History of Beer in the Czech Republic.

4. What beer contains

Drinking beer is good for your health, but in moderation, of course. One glass to accompany a meal or after a long walk will not hurt you, rather the opposite. It will refresh you and give you energy. Beer has a lot of group B vitamins, and it also contains iron, magnesium and zinc. And the carbohydrates in beer are a perfect boost, for example, after a demanding workout. As one of the most famous Czech cardiologists, Prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc, said:

"The 10° is, in my opinion, the best ionic drink that mankind has ever invented. Everything’s there: nutrition, vitamins, ions, and… that little bit of alcohol is also beneficial." 

5. Why drinking beer is healthy

Your body will benefit from a glass of beer with friends. Scientists have proved that beer drinkers have a significantly lower risk of heart attack and sclerosis. Beer lovers also have a better memory and a keen mind. Thanks to beer, our body processes fats and reduces stress better and induces a greater psychological well-being. That's a lot of reasons to stop at Original Beer Spa for one draught, don't you think? 

6. The calories in your beer

The number of calories varies depending on the type, or gradation, of the beer. A pint of 10° has an average of 200 kcal. This is similar to a large serving of butter, a sausage, a plate of pasta, or a handful of fries. Be careful, the stronger the beer, the more calories. In 12° we find 228 kcal and in 19°, 450 kcal. This is almost the equivalent of 100g of smoked pork belly, tartar sauce or a large slice of cake. So, beer and diet don't go together very well. But don't worry, you can always enjoy one dewy pint and you won’t pile on the pounds. 

7. The percentage of alcohol in beer

The 10° Czech beer has an alcohol content between 4% and 5%. Again, however, it depends on its gradation. A dark 18° beer can contain up to 7.5% alcohol. Krušovice, which we tap at Original Beer Spa, has between 4.2% and 4.7%.

8. How long it takes for a beer to wear off

A number of factors influence how long alcohol settles in your blood. These include gender, age, weight, your current health and mental state, hunger, or ethnicity. What does ethnicity have to do with alcohol degradation, you might ask? Well, for example, many East Asians lack the enzyme encoded in the ALDH2 gene, the enzyme that breaks alcohol down in the liver. But how is it in the Czech Republic? Your average adult Caucasian male can break down a pint of 10° beer in 2 to 3 hours.   

9. How to get rid of a hangover

Ideally, of course, the best cure for a hangover is not to have one at all. In order not to overdo it with the alcohol though, try the following tips:

- Never drink on an empty stomach. Always eat well first. Drink alcohol preferably with food, not on its own. 

- For each glass of beer, drink a glass of clean water. The hydration of the body when drinking alcohol is very important. 

- Do not drink in the sun or in the heat. Heat accelerates the effects of alcohol. 

- Get a good night's sleep and rest.

- Follow the motto "Know your limit"

But drinking beer in moderation is very beneficial for your health. If you only indulge in one or two beers, you won’t have to worry about hangovers and you will enjoy the experience, all the more. 

Come and enjoy the beneficial effects of beer in the Original Beer Spa. A beer bath in handmade oak vats, and a hop sauna, followed by a rest on a straw bed along with homemade beer bread for a bite to eat are waiting for you. 

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