Beer Cosmetics: Treat yourself with a luxurious beer spa care even at home

Are you a devotee of the amber nectar? In that case our original beer cosmetics should not be missing from your bathroom. 

Handmade cosmetics

The Original Beer Spa Prague sells handmade cosmetics, produced in the best Czech beer brewing tradition. You are guaranteed to fall in love with their brilliant effects and original scent. Moreover, your skin will surely appreciate a touch of nature, free from any additional artificial colours.

 The positive effects of beer

Czech beer is renowned around the world for its exceptional quality. It has many positive beautifying effects and benefits for our health. How come? 

- It is a source of vitamin B, trace elements, and minerals. A blend that significantly enhances skin regeneration. 

- Hops cleanse, soothe and soften our skin. 

- Brewer’s yeast has remarkable moisturising, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beer Cosmetics and their positive impact on our beauty

Our range of beer cosmetics includes shampoo, soap, shower gel, oil bath and body scrub or relaxing bath salts. Why will you love it? 

- Beer shampoo gives your hair a fresh look, greater strength, a lustrous shine and more body. 

- Beer hair balsam disentangles your hair, reducing its brittleness and enhancing its shine. 

- Beer shower gel and liquid beer soap are particularly ideal for dry skin. They enhance its regeneration overall. 

- Beer bath oil smooths and softens your skin. Creating a feeling of relaxation and physical well-being. 

- Beer bath salt soothes, softens, tones and detoxifies your skin. 

- Beer moisturising mask softens, refreshes and regenerates the delicate skin of your face and neck. 

- Beer body scrub containing ground apricot shells, gently defoliates dry and coarse flakes of skin. 

- Beer body lotion simultaneously treats and moisturises the skin, keeping it firm and fresh. 

- Beer lip balm containing shea butter, argan oil and extract of hops, has a healing and moisturising effect on your lips.  

Beer cosmetics at the Original Beer Spa Prague

Feeling excited about beer cosmetics? Would you like to indulge in their beneficial effects every day? Then surely, you will appreciate the wide selection of beer cosmetics which can be purchased from our Rybná and Žitná street branches

Come and treat yourself to a luxurious wellness experience. You deserve it.

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