Visit the Original Beer Spa and enjoy Czech beer from the Krušovice brewery

Every year, your average Czech citizen drinks around 284 pints of beer. Unsurprisingly, the Czech Republic ranks among the leaders in the consumption of this golden beverage. Despite their great love of beer, Czechs are conservative and prefer a light or dark brew. Which will you choose? 

How time went with the Krušovice brewery 

In the Original Beer Spa, you can taste Krušovice beer, whose roots date back to 1581, for yourself. It was in this year that beer began being brewed more widely. Let's take a look at a few recent milestones that accompanied the historic Czech brewery. 

- At the very beginning of the 20th century, the Krušovice brewery was producing 45,900 hectolitres of beer annually.

- When Bohumil Rapek took over as the Krušovice brewer in 1953, he made it his mission to introduce the exceptional taste of this beer to as many people as possible. Under Rapek’s leadership, the brewery increased its average annual beer production to 94,300 hectolitres.

- In 1998, thanks to massive investments, Krušovice became one of the most modern breweries in Europe and beer production soon exceeded a million hectolitres per year.

Today, you can enjoy Krusovice in many pubs and restaurants across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But most importantly - you can enjoy it in the Original Beer Spa in a very unique way. Relaxing with your drink in a handmade oak tub you will be pampered by the healing effects of the beer bath suffused with brewer's yeast. 

Light or dark Krusovice beer 

In the Original Beer Spa, you can enjoy both light and dark Krušovice beers. Which one should you choose? The decision is yours. You can taste the individual brews to your heart's content and drink as much as you like. So let's take a look at the difference between the light and dark beer.

Krusovice light beer 

A true “Ten” (Desítka) is characterised by its clear golden colour and creamy foam. Its taste is pleasantly bitter with a slight hint of caramel and offers a captivating, delicate floral scent. This is from the three types of malts carefully selected from quality, Czech and Moravian barley varieties. 

The light beer will refresh and quench your thirst, making for a perfect occasion as you relax in the oak tubs of the Original Beer Spa. 

Krusovice dark beer 

The taste of Krušovice dark beer is characterised by its fullness, distinctive caramel tones, and delicate hop bitterness. These distinctive notes owe their heritage to the quality spring water drawn from the Křivoklát forests and hops harvested from the Žatec hop-growing area.  

You will love dark beer. Pour it and take a seat on the bed of straw. As you sip, gazing into the flickering flames in the fireplace… can you imagine a more relaxing time than this? 

Now you know what kind of beer you can enjoy in the Original Beer Spa. The only thing left to do is to book your procedure and start looking forward to the great, relaxing, and unique experience to come. Like you, we are looking forward to your visit. 

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