Why are you going to be healthier and more beautiful thanks to the Original Beer Spa treatment?

The beer spa procedure enhances the well-being of our organism. Why is that? The reason is the beer yeast. It has a beneficial effect on the quality of our skin and a significant positive impact on our health. 

The Beer yeast as a source of vitamins and nutrition

The beer yeast is a fantastic source of nutrition for our skin. It has been used as a food supplement since the Middle Ages. Why? It contains a large amount of organic iron, essential amino-acids, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides, sterols, saccharides, enzymes, and other bio-active nutrients. It also provides us with the necessary vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins. 

The beer yeast and its positive impact on our health

Hops and beer yeast are good for our organism and have a beneficial effect on our mental well-being. Why should we take a beer bath regularly? The beer yeast:

  • helps fight hepatitis,
  • is an ideal supplement for those very active physically or mentally or those practising sports,
  • enhances digestion and metabolism in general,
  • helps fight chronic arthritis and cardiovascular diseases,
  • has a beneficial effect on the gut flora regeneration,
  • supports the immune system,
  • has cleansing and smoothing effects,
  • calms irritated skin,
  • is wonderful at preventing skin problems,
  • enhances skin regeneration,
  • smooths wrinkles.

The beer bath and the positive effect it has on our skin

There is a tip we would like to share with you: Don’t take a shower or a bath a couple of hours after the beer procedure. Your skin will be pleasantly fragrant with the mixture of hops and beer yeast. Give it time to absorb all the nutrients. You will see that your skin is radiant, hydrated and smooth after the bath. 

Relaxation in the Original Beer Spa

It is in our Original Beer Spa where you will enjoy a relaxing bath in an oak tub whirlpool followed by a rest on a wheat straw bed. Beer drinking also enhances the overall mental relaxation. We guarantee an unlimited consumption of beer during the procedure, so you can just sit back and enjoy your sweet repose.

The beer cosmetics is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. You can buy it at our spa and enjoy its beneficial effects at home, too. You will learn more about it next time.

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