​​5 tips on how to properly tap a beer with perfect taste

At the Original Beer Spa, you can pour your own beer. If you've never done that, don't worry. Everyone can tap beer and you’ll have a lot of fun. But if you want to enjoy a really perfect beer, we can advise you on a few tricks on how to do it properly. 

A clean glass is essential 

Tap the beer into clean, chilled glasses. At the Original Beer Spa, you'll find a set of pint glasses by each tap. Before you pour your first beer, rinse and cool your glass. How? Turn it upside down and press on the grid under the tap to rinse with cold water. 

Pour beer from as low a height as possible 

Now comes the actual drawing of the beer. Choose what you want. Our kegs contain light and dark Krušovice beer. Hold the glass at an angle of 45° so that the mouth of the tap touches the wall of the glass. Never tap beer from a height. You will only get a lot of unnecessary foam in your glass.

Start with the head 

One of the most popular ways of tapping is the so-called “hladinka”. Try it yourself. First, you push the lever on the tap away from you and pour a little foam in the bottom of the glass. Then pull the lever towards you and let the beer flow down the wall of the glass at an angle of 45°. Finally, push the lever away again and finish off with a little more foam. With this procedure, you will get a crisp, fresh taste. 

Don't agitate the beer

To enjoy a better beer, pour it smoothly. Let the amber nectar flow freely down the glass and fill to the perfect level. Also, don’t pour from one glass to another, and remember, never pour it from a height. 

Try different ways of tapping 

Czechs love beer and enjoy it in many ways. For example, you might like to try:


Tap the so-called šnyt. The result is a glass, a third filled with beer, a third with head and a third empty. This method of tapping will provide you with a rich foamy head and a finer tang. 


If you would like to try the "milk," pour only foam in your glass. Thanks to this method of tapping, this beer has a low carbon dioxide content and has a very fine, sweeter taste. You will appreciate milk if you have a thirst, but you don’t want to feel the effects of alcohol. 


Čochtan is the opposite of milk. If you want to enjoy a čochtan, tap your beer without a head into the glass. Such a beer has a higher zest, but oxidizes faster. So, drink it as soon as possible after you pour it. 

Book the perfect experience at the Original Beer Spa and tap beer to your taste. Its consumption is unlimited with us, you can have as many attempts as you want. And don't forget to tag us on Instagram. We look forward to all your photos and videos. Cheers!

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