Why and how should we indulge in a sauna, even in the summer?

Did you know that you don't have to indulge in a sauna only in the cold months? A sauna has beneficial effects on our health even in high summer temperatures. Thanks to this, the heat in the streets will not knock you out and you will increase your immunity. 

Get used to the summer heat 

Thanks to the sauna, your body will get used to the great heat and the summer will be much more bearable for you. In the sauna, you regularly alternate high temperatures with rapid cooling. The body will learn faster thermoregulation and you will be able to walk in the hot streets much easier. 

Changing temperatures won't upset you anymore

Temperature changes, air conditioning, chilled drinks. All these affect our health. And so, in the summer months, colds and sore throats often catch up with us. Regular sauna use will help you to increase your immunity and avoid colds. How? In the sauna, you regularly alternate high temperature with cooling in ice water. The body gets used to going outside its comfort zone and so temperature fluctuations won’t knock you out. 

Is the summer sauna for everyone?

The sauna is very beneficial to health. Whether you go for one in the summer or winter, your body will be exhilarated. However, it is better to avoid the sauna if you suffer from a chronic illness, heart problems or are suffering with a cold. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from enjoying the year-round beneficial effects of the sauna.

Is it advisable to start with a sauna in summer?

You can start with a regular sauna at any time of the year. Of course, it is a little more tempting to visit the sauna in the winter when the heat pleasantly warms our stiff bones. If you start with a sauna in the summer, we recommend trying a sauna with a lower temperature. The hop sauna in the Original Beer Spa, is the ideal place for this.  

Benefits of a regular sauna 

We talked about the benefits of a regular sauna in the article, 5 reasons to love sauna bathing. These include:

- Beautiful skin,

- A good mood,

- Strong immunity,

- Healthy heart, 

- Muscle regeneration. 

With a regular sauna, your body and soul will be satisfied. Followed up by a quick shower of ice water from oak pails to cool you, you can then relax on a bed of wheat straw. Meanwhile, you can refresh yourself with beer and homemade beer bread. And because the beer is always flowing, the temperature in our hop sauna is lower. The perfect place to take refuge from the heat of summer. All this awaits you at the Original Beer Spa. What do you say?

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