Enjoy a satisfying relaxation in an oak tub whirlpool bath followed by a peaceful rest on a wheat straw bed to help fully absorb all the vitamins and extracts from the bath. While relaxing by a warm fireplace, you can taste fresh homemade beer bread as well as the beer itself - the unlimited consumption of which you can enjoy throughout the whole procedure. 

Important information:

We provide you with cotton towels and sheets, linen blankets and basswood slippers, so there's no need to bring anything along. You are free to draw premium Krušovice® beer on your own. The entire Beer Spa room will be exclusively yours during the procedure; after an introduction by our staff, you will be left in privacy during the actual treatment.


Brewer’s yeast is the essential ingredient for why beer spa procedure is so beneficial for our wellbeing. It is a fantastic source of nourishment for the skin, smoothing wrinkles and providing overall hydration, while providing essential B vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins Brewer’s yeast is also one of the richest sources of organic iron, essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides, sterols, glucides, enzymes and other bioactive nutrients.


Spa and beer go well together. With the first beer spa dating back 2,000 years ago, our ancestors were well aware of the beneficial effects of both spending time in hot bath and one of the oldest drinks known to mankind. Bathing in beer, including its consumption, has a long history in folk medicine - and the brewer's yeast itself has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

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