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Open your own Beer Spa

Do you like our BEER SPA concept? You have suitable space and would like to try business under strong brand in form of a franchise? We offer you the unique opportunity to become a part of the established enterprise and the possibility to use our trademark and patent pending licence for beer spa ingrediences. If you’re interested, please contact us.

E-mail:  development,beerspa,com

Experience of a lifetime with lovely staff and atmosphere. Viktoria, New Zealand
Best attraction in Prague! We enjoyed it so much! John, Uk
Wow! Surprisingly relaxing. Nice atmosphere, pleasant stuff. Francesco, France
Hop sauna was amazing experience, we'll come back for sure!  Maria, Italy
Truly unique attraction! self-service beer - what a great idea! James, Germany
Must do in Prague - amazingly fun attraction - .  Alessia, Italy
Straw bed, the wood sauna, the beer bread, the limitless beer... simply beautiful. Julio, Spain
Nabidka pro pary - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Come and enjoy an original beer spa in a romantic fireside setting.



Beer Spa  - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Come have fun with friends together!

We offer exclusive rentals for groups of up to 10.


Beer Spa - Pivni Lazne Spa Beerland Praha

Order a gift voucher and treat yourself or your loved ones to an original experience!

Our offer of gift vouchers is available here: 



We have the largest selection of beer cosmetics! 

Beer cosmetics can be purchased at our beer gift shop at ORIGINAL BEER SPA, Žitná 658/9, Praha 1.

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