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By completing the booking, the client confirms that he is more than 18 years old, that information given are true and agree to be used for further processing operator of the beer spa. All prices are in CZK respectively in EUR. If you cancel your beer bath procedure less than 48 hours before the reserved time, you will forfeit your entire deposit. The cancellation fee is 100% from the reservation value. The operator is entitled to refuse a client when comes drunk (the decisive factor is an alkohol tester, which showed values higher than 0.1 ‰ alcohol). Persons allergic to proteins, yeast and hops or pregnant women should consult their physician before taking a beer bath. Persons suffering from high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases should consult their physician before entering a bio sauna. To achieve the desired effect of the beer treatment for your skin, we recommend not bathing or showering for at least two hours after the treatment. If you wear a swimsuit during the treatment, we recommend thoroughly rinsing it in clean water immediately after the treatment and machine washing it the same day. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to manipulate with any equipment in relaxation rooms. Smoking and manipulation with fire is strictly forbidden in the entire spa premises. Violation of this rule is fined by an amount equal to the price of the treatment and value of  damage. If necessary, you can call the staff to your room using a bell. The duration of the treatment is 60 minutes including changing time. Opening hours are daily from 10:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Experience of a lifetime with lovely staff and atmosphere. Viktoria, New Zealand
Best attraction in Prague! We enjoyed it so much! John, Uk
Wow! Surprisingly relaxing. Nice atmosphere, pleasant stuff. Francesco, France
Hop sauna was amazing experience, we'll come back for sure!  Maria, Italy
Truly unique attraction! self-service beer - what a great idea! James, Germany
Must do in Prague - amazingly fun attraction - .  Alessia, Italy
Straw bed, the wood sauna, the beer bread, the limitless beer... simply beautiful. Julio, Spain

Zapraszamy do skorzystania z oryginalnej kąpieli w piwie, w wyjątkowym romantycznym otoczeniu, przy kominku.


Beer Spa  - Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land Praha

Mogą Państwo przyjść do nas z przyjaciółmi i razem wypróbować pierwszy czeski Beer Spa!

Oferujemy wynajem na wyłączność dla grup do 10 osób.


Beer Spa - Pivni Lazne Spa Beerland Praha

Mogą Państwo zamówić voucher upominkowy i tym oryginalnym prezentem sprawić radość sobie lub swoim bliskim!

Oferta talonów upominkowych znajduje się tutaj:



Mamy dla Państwa największą ofertę kosmetyków piwnych! 

Kosmetyki piwne mogą Państwo kupić przez e-shop lub osobiście w naszym piwnym sklepie z upominkami, mieszczącym się w ORIGINAL BEER SPA, Žitná 658/9, Praha 1.


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