How to drink beer like a true Czech regular

Beer is the most popular Czech drink. "Let's go for one!" you may hear more often in Bohemia than "How are you?" It's no surprise that drinking beer has its own social rules. How to enjoy the taste of the golden drink and not cause a faux pas? That's what we'll tell you in today's article. 

Ordering beer 

There are so many types of Czech beer that we will cover them in a separate article. But for now, we'll tell you what you can expect when ordering it. There are several types of beer on the drinks menu. As a rule, these are:

  • pale, 
  • dark, 
  • non-alcoholic, 
  • flavored
  • and beer specials. 

You can also choose the size of the beer. Small beer has a volume of 0.3 litres, large beer 0.5 litres. Women usually prefer small beers, but this is not the rule. Light and dark beers are usually poured into a glass by the staff. Non-alcoholic or flavoured beer is most often served in a glass bottle with a glass that you pour the drink into yourself. We have one more tip for you when ordering: when you see the staff approaching with your beer, prepare a coaster for the table. This is mainly used to protect the table from getting dirty.


The beer is on the table, now it's time for the toast. Wait until everyone has a glass of beer in front of them to take the first sip. You then have two options:

All of you symbolically raise your pint, give the others at the table a nice smile and wish them "Cheers!". You can also meet with a toast, which is accompanied by the greeting "Hello!". It depends on the type of company and the customs of the group. 

In a pub, you can toast with pints. But don't do it in a restaurant. As a rule, men put more force into their toast, women just tap the edge of the glass gently.

Occasionally, after the toast and before the drink, the glass is tapped on the table top. It's called grounding the pint. This gesture has no effect on the taste, of course, but it's a ritual that makes you a true regular. 

Holding a pint of beer 

A pint of beer usually has an ear by which the glass is held. Why? The beer is served cold and the temperature of the hand would heat it up unnecessarily. Did the staff bring you the beer in a tall glass? Then hold it as far down as possible. If the glass has a stem, hold it by the stem. Raise the glass or pint to your mouth, take a sip and return it to the coaster. If you are not drinking, do not hold the beer in your hand.    

Czechs indulge in beer for refreshment and to feel a sense of belonging with others at the table. Therefore, when drinking it, follow the consumption pattern of others. It's the same as with food. It is not appropriate to drink your beer in a few minutes while others still have full pints. 

To taste here is to drink 

"To taste with us is to drink!" this unwritten rule comes from the well-known Czech fairy tale Give the Devil His Due. And there's something to it. In Bohemia, it really is true that beer should be drunk whole. It is a national treasure that should not be wasted. If you know a big beer is beyond your means, order a small one. And drink it to the bottom.  

Beer drinking etiquette for women 

Women are delicate and elegant. That's why they have slightly different rules for drinking beer than men. What are they? For example:

  • Women drink beer to taste or to eat. The ideal amount is when a woman does not feel the effects of the beer and is not drunk. 
  • Women should only drink when their mouths are empty. 
  • Beware of lipstick. Ladies wipe it off or use an unpromising version before drinking beer. Lip prints on a pint really don't look good. 
  • Ladies wipe their lips gently on a napkin after drinking, not on the back of their hand. 

If you don't follow all the social rules when drinking beer, nothing happens. The Czechs are happy to forgive small lapses in etiquette. The important thing is that you like the Czech national drink

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