The Original Beer Spa concept you will adore

Are you coming to Prague and thinking of places to see? You should definitely include the Original Beer Spa Prague. Are you asking why? Well, when your grandchildren ask you one day, how you enjoyed your stay in Prague, you can reply: ‘We had a wonderful time, my dear. However, we enjoyed the beer spa the most. It was such a lovely, lovely experience. Unforgettable!’ 

What can you expect from the beer spa?

Original - this is something you won’t find elsewhere. We realised this idea in its smallest details for a truly unique and exclusive experience. What does it mean exactly?

- Relaxation in handmade oak tubs.

- Bathing in natural extracts used in the Krušovice beer brewing process.

- Unlimited consumption of outstanding beer.

- Resting on a bed of wheat straw.

- Homemade beer bread.

- Complete privacy.

- A friendly and professional staff.

- Soft cotton towels and stylish clogs at your disposal.  

Why is our beer spa original?

Reading reviews of our spa, you will find a common theme of what is really important for us. Quality. Professionalism. Cleanliness. 

Here are a few TripAdvisor reviews:

- BestRegards FromFar: Truly original and surprisingly relaxing experience. I did not know that the brewers' yeast and hops that are added to the warm water have such a great effect on the skin. After the session my skin felt so soft and I felt great. It is a pretty unique experience to pour yourself a beer from a tap by your hot tub. The venue is beautiful, super clean and the staff excellent. A great experience in Prague!

- Smara55: After having some issues with the pipes on the day of our intended visit, we were re-scheduled for the following day with a very nice upgrade to a private room with our own sauna. Both the place and the staff were lovely and very professional and we had a great time.

- Richard D: Prague is such a beautiful place but it was worth visiting just to experience The Original Beer Spa. Loved it and would definitely do it again.

Clients leave us feeling refreshed and in better mood, taking a great experience with them. Moreover, their skin is more beautiful and nourished. Why is that? Brewer’s yeast is a fantastic source of nutrition for the skin. It removes wrinkles and improves general hydration.

Having enjoyed the beer spa treatment, you will emerge truly radiant. From the inside and out. Visit us to discover more.

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